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Hard to underscore how good our experience with Tim's crew was. They were incredibly organized, gave us calendar invites for each part of the remodel, asked us to actively write down the "middle-of-the-project" to-dos on a white board that they then used to keep track of things, and did everything on time. The quality of the work was outstanding and the innovation/creativity/skill of the crew was obvious from the outset, but even more obvious as we opened up the walls and floors and saw all the unexpected things that needed to be dealt with.Read More

The whole Encore team - Tim, John, Brad, and James - were fantastic! From start to finish they provided highly customized, diligent, and meticulous work and support. The sub-contractors they used were equally meticulous and diligent. The bathroom tile work was fabulous and the floating vanity idea makes much more room in a tiny space. The unique changes to a small basement room have livened up our living space. In this crazy pandemic, their safety measures were much appreciated; and, despite some delays out of their control because of the pandemic, they made the process totally smooth and stress-free. Highly recommend them!Read More

Tim, John, Brad and James were great to work with throughout two bathroom remodels. They are honest and meticulous in completing their work. Brad and James are excellent carpenters and they were always polite and respectful. Additionally, the subcontractors used for tile, electric and plumbing were also excellent and a pleasure to have in our home. Tim and John made sure they projects kept moving and John was great about making sure everything got cleaned up each day if anyone left any garbage or dust behind. I highly recommend Encore and would definitely use them again if i ever remodel anything else.Read More

Tim, John, and all the tradesmen who work for them are not only highly professional, they are also excellent at what they do and are just really good people. They are also honest, considerate, and very fair. Encore built a bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom in my basement in what used to be unfinished storage space. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I recommend them highly.Read More

We have been working with Tim for over 6 months and we are getting close to wrapping up our project. I will update this review with more information in the next few weeks. We cannot say enough good things about Tim and his Encore team. Renovation is stressful, time consuming, and there will be points that you may say that you cannot take it anymore. Tim is a God-given gift to those of us who are nuts with attention to details and looking for (our notion of) perfection. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, is a good guy and offers quality workmanship. Thank you Tim for being awesome and letting us drive you crazy all the time! Your choice of wallpaper made our pink bathroom a classic one :)Read More